Andy Wolf Eyewear, Handmade in Austria White Heat

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White Heat


This line marks our first endeavor in producing metal frames.

Since our beginning, Andy Wolf has always been about handcrafted frames. In a world of mass production we see this as a way to make a statement. The attention to detail in every single frame, along with the human touch, results in very personal and distinct glasses. That is how we view life too. Humans enter this world as a blank slate and through choices, people, actions and dreams our character is shaped. Like our metal frames, lives are shaped by humanity.

All of the frames share their name with sculptors who are famous for their work with metal. When you heat metal in order to forge it, it glows white to our eyes at its highest temperature. That’s also the reason why it’s used to describe a person in their most passionate emotional state. To us, white heat is the condition in which character is forged.

Glasses help you see and help others see who you are. They are an expression of character, of the person you’ve become after you’ve been forged in the white heat of life.



A delicate construction that plays with geometry. May it enhance your vision of a better tomorrow.

Diese feine Konstruktion spielt mit Geometrie. Damit deine Vision für ein besseres Morgen klar ist.


Modern frame with a distinctive shape that really compliments the human figure. For people that see meaning.

Moderne Fassung mit einer unverkennbaren Kontur. Hier wird die menschliche Form komplimentiert. Für Leute, die Bedeutung sehen.


An outstanding character with a strong voice. Perfect fit for a pragmatic outlook.

Ein außergewöhnlicher Charakter mit starkem Ausdruck. Die perfekte Form für pragmatische Perspektiven.


This one is quite grandiose. Wear it when you have truly found your style and character.

Diese hier ist ziemlich grandios. Trage sie, wenn du deinen Stil und Charakter wirklich gefunden hast.


Perfectly engineered balance in a mixture of materials. For sharp eyes.

Vollkommene Balance in einer Mischung aus Materialien. Für scharfe Blicke.

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